How to keep your indoor cat entertained while you are away

Cat playing

Regular exercise and mental stimulation is important for the overall well being of your cat. If you spend all day at work, which is the case for most people, it can be difficult to provide this stimulation level to your feline.

Regular stimulation will benefit your cat in the following ways:

  • Better sleep – Cats that are stimulated throughout the day enjoy more restorative sleep.
  • Improved mood – Physical activity releases endorphins and may help to protect against feline depression and anxiety.
  • Protects against brain decline in old age – Old cats may experience brain cell death (similar to the degenerative diseases seen in humans). Brain stimulation helps to build synapses (the connections between neurons) which may protect against brain decline in old age.
  • Good for bone & joint health – Regular physical activity helps to protect against bone conditions and feline joint disorders.
  • Weight management – Cats that play regularly are less prone to obesity and diabetes.
  • Improves behavior – If cats live in stimulating environments, they can express their natural tendencies. This includes hunting, scratching, and chewing. This improves their behavior inside the home.

Cats are happiest when expressing natural behaviors, such as chewing, scratching, climbing, and hunting. Create a home environment that encourages this behavior, such as intelligence puzzles, a cat condo, or adding a second cat.

How to keep your cat entertained when you are not at home

2 cats are better than 1 – get a buddy

Give your furry feline a companion she can grow to love (and groom). When two cats get together, playtime can really be productive and new games will be invented, even if you are not home to witness them.

Build a fun zone

A special space that has been set up just for play purpose is important. Even if you don’t have an extra room to devote as a cat haven, a corner of a room or a window will suffice.

Start simple: You can begin by hanging toys from different spots so your cat has something to bat around or place little jingly balls and furry mice on the floor for your cat to bat across the room and play a game of make-believe chase.

Set up a nice cat tree and/or cat scratchers that is specially made for climbing and claw exercises.

A cat perch, like a sitting shelf that sits on the inside ledge of the windowsill, that overlooks the yard will also give her hours of free, albeit mundane, entertainment.

Food Puzzles

These toys are ideal for entertaining cats because they stimulate the five senses and mimic a cat’s natural hunting tendencies. Not only that, they encourage cats to become more dexterous and spatially aware.

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