Cats in Apartments: Making the Most of a Small Space

Pets in small apartments

Cats can be perfectly (read purrfectly) happy in small spaces, it’s not about the size of the space. It’s what you do with it. They are mostly low maintenance pets and making a small living space friendly for your cat should not be costly or complicated.

Cats need their food in a convenient spot, a quiet and private space to hang out, and their litter box away from traffic. They like to climb, so a place that’s high that they can hang out at, and they need spaces to crawl into to be away from things.

If your cat’s needs go unmet, you might encounter deviant behavior like not using the litter box, aggression, being shy or withdrawn, being destructive, waking you up in the middle of the night, obsession with food, and more – that’s how they communicate to you that they’re anxious and that something is wrong.

How To Make a Small Apartment More Fun for Your Cat

Cat Toys

Playtime is extremely important for cats. They need play to wear off some of their energy, and they need to bond with you as well. Be sure to stock your home with a few cat toys so that you can bond with your cat during play time and your cat can entertain himself when you are too busy or away. A feather on a string might be your cat’s favorite toy.

Sleeping Space

Even the most gregarious cat needs some alone time every now and then. Create a safe, comfortable sleeping and napping space for your pet and designate it to be just for them. This could be by your bed or in a corner in the living room. My cats share my bed.

Meal Time

Just as your cat needs a special place to sleep, he also needs a designated eating space. This could be in any little nook of the kitchen area, by cabinets or under the stairs. Just find a place that they feel safe to eat in where they won’t be bothered.

Litter Box

A private space for your cat to do their business is a must. Find an ideal spot for your cat’s litter box. With so many styles and sizes available, you can find the perfect litter box to suit your cat and apartment, be sure to put it in a quiet-but-accessible spot.

Scratch Post

Make sure your cat has somewhere to scratch. Scratching serves more than one purpose for cats. In addition to keeping their nails healthy, scratching lets cats mark their territory. Their nail beds help them leave a chemical scent wherever they scratch, which is why many cats will scratch up furniture even if they have a scratching post.

Outdoor Time

If your cat is cooped up in a small home you could install a cat door for them to come in and out during the day depending on your living arrangements. I do this with my cats and I don’t have to keep a litter box!

Last but not least, clean daily!

Dedicate a few minutes a day for sweeping and wiping (or vacuuming) otherwise you and your cat(s) would very quickly be living in a smelly nest of cat hair, outside debris, food crumbs, hair balls, cat scratcher sheddings and cat litter.

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