Bonding with your pet

You love your pet, you really do, you express your affection by getting them the best food, toys and healthcare, nothing can beat that, right?

Well, that is commendable but have you wondered if there is anything else you can do to make your pet’s life better? We have a suggestion! Bond with them, sit down and actually interact with them for a bit, it establishes a connection and builds trust, more importantly it helps your pet get used to being touched which is critical in reducing anxiety during vet visits.

Vet visits are a torture for animals who are not used to human touch and you can miss something important if you don’t look at these things regularly because he doesn’t like it.

Make it a habit to handle your pet a lot when he is young until he get’s used to it and can be still when you need to inspect their mouth or ears or during a visit to the vet.  You, and by extension, your vet should be able to look into your pet’s mouth, ears, touch their paws and toe beans.

Now go cuddle your puppy or kitten!

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