World Spay Day 2020

Neuter your cat

Launched in 1995, World Spay Day is an annual campaign that aims to encourage people to save animal lives by spaying and neutering companion animals and feral cats. World spay day is celebrated annually on the fourth Tuesday of February. In 2020 world spay day will be celebrated on 25th February.

February is recognized as spay/neuter awareness month.

How Can you Participate in World Spay Day 2020?

World Spay Day Participation ideas for shelters and rescues, veterinary professionals and individuals

  • Educating clients about spay and neuter throughout the month of February.
  • Coordinating a weekend World Spay Day clinic at your practice or volunteering your time at a local animal shelter’s event.
  • Host a special spay/neuter event that reaches people who usually lack access to services, such as those living in underserved areas, or that assists community (feral and stray) cat caretakers.
  • Raise money for your spay/neuter programs. Raffles, bake sales, “spay-ghetti” dinners, restaurant nights, benefit concerts and shelter open houses are just a few examples of fundraising events that organizers have found to be successful.

PawSpace is encouraging pet owners and veterinary professionals from around Kenya to participate in World Spay Day to help increase awareness of the need for spay/neuter to save animal lives. Any level of engagement is appropriate and will be appreciated by your clients and the community.

Use the hashtags #WorldSpayDay2020 #WorldSpayDay #WorldSpayDay20 to promote your spay/neuter programs on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Remember to tag us @theVetDirectory on both Twitter and Facebook.

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