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Mission, Vision and Values

We have come together as a team of licensed veterinarians to improve service delivery to farmers and pet owners. When taking care of our clients and patients we are guided by this vision which is further defined by our Lamwa Vetcare’s core values, mission and philosophies. We then use these as a guide to help us better in our daily interactions.


Lamwa Vetcare works to be the most trusted and respected pets and poultry care provider in our community by administering the best possible medical and emotional care and giving outstanding customer service to every patient and every client every visit.


The mission of Lamwa Vetcare is to:

1. Serve our clients by listening with empathy and responding to their needs.

2. Provide excellent veterinary service by utilizing the highest standard of care and staying abreast of the most recent advancements in our field.

3. Educate our clients about the roles they play in keeping their pets, poultry and livestock healthy and productive.

4. Foster professional growth for all staff to ensure our practice leads the community in both veterinary medicine and customer service.

Core Values:

Teamwork & Collaboration – Listening to and respecting other views, whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes

Honesty & Integrity – Keeping to one’s word, promises and agreements, and being open and honest in all of our dealings with colleagues, clients, their pets and livestock.

Continuous Improvement – The desire and ability of Lamwa Vetcare to develop and incorporate ways to improve itself and its clients.

Communication – Open and honest communication between Lamwa Vetcare staff and clients

Respect – Conducting our relationships with others constructively, and respecting others as equals and individuals. This includes being non-judgemental and showing empathy.

Belief – Having a genuine belief in the value of what we do

6 Reviews Received

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    09 May 2021

    Very helpful and professional. Any problem with your pet? Here's the bestest place!

  • 22754
    1 review
    09 May 2021

    Very helpful and professional. Any problem with your pet? Here's the bestest place!

  • 22583
    1 review
    31 Jan 2021

    Very professional

  • 22350
    1 review
    07 Aug 2020

    The services are on point. Liking is an understatement I love the services ☺️☺️