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Chicken bones for cats

Are bones good for cats

Feeding your cat raw, meaty parts of poultry Raw bones provide calcium and other minerals in the proper ratios, as well as proteins, fats,...

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Caring for your cats teeth

Raw Bones for Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth without Brushing Providing your cat with meaty bones, such as chicken necks provides mental stimulation, exercises and strengthens their jaw, and cleans...

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How to soften dry cat food

Can I moisten dry cat food? Ensuring good nutrition for your cat is important. This not only means providing the right amounts of protein,...

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Improving dry food diet for cats

5 ways to improve your cat's dry food Even the best quality dry food can use a boost of fresh food additives. When you...

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Bored cat

Rabies Vaccinations for Indoor Cats

Is rabies vaccine necessary for indoor cats? Should you vaccinate an indoor cat? Rabies vaccination is an important and required vaccine for all cats....

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Cat with kittens

Contraceptives for Cats

The Best Methods of Birth Control for Your Cat Spay your cat! The surgery is not expensive. The most common procedure performed on cats...

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Harmful medication for cats

Cats and Human Medications

Never give your a cat human medication. Even in tiny doses it can be extremely harmful. Pet poisonings due to human medications are common...

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Dog flea treatment

Using Dog Products on Cats

Using dog products such as flea or tick treatment on cats Never use dog products on cats The Pyrethrin in dog powder can be...

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Paracetamol is poisonous to cats

Paracetamol and cats

Can you give Paracetamol or Panadol to your cat? Paracetamol is often given to cats in a caring but misguided attempt to relieve pain....

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Rabies vaccine cost

Rabies Vaccine Cost

Rabies vaccination of cats is important for your safety as well as your cats. How much does rabies vaccine cost? Cat rabies vaccine cost...

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Kitten getting rabies shot

Cat Rabies Vaccine

Schedule, Cost, and Side Effects of Cat Rabies Vaccine While the rabies virus is especially dangerous for cats, it is entirely preventable. Cat Rabies...

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Pet food nutritional value

What nutrients to look for in cat food

Just as you might read your own food labels, pay attention not so much to the catchphrases on the front of the bag or...

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